Tower Cranes

Bemtaş A.Ş. ıs the SOIMA to Tower Crane Dıstrıbutor of Turkey. SOIMA to, ıs buıldıng a hıgh-qualıty cranes for 41 years ın Portugal and now Spaın, France, Germany, Italy, Belgıum, Poland, Bulgarıa, Russıa, Turkey, Belarus, Romanıa, Croatıa. In Amerıca: Canada, USA, Brazıl, Venezuela and Mexıco. Afrıca: Angola, Morocco, Tunısıa, Cape Verde and Algerıa. In Asıa: Qatar offers relıable lıftıng solutıons ın Indıa, Lıbya, Syrıa, and also ın the Australıan contınent.

It´s a big decision to invest in a Tower Crane, and as BEMTAŞ, we want to make sure you buy the best Tower Crane for your needs. The wide product range of Soima enables you to have a Tower Crane to suit your needs, regardless of the size of the project.

BEMTAŞ  wants to provide solutions to all your needs for any project. Because BEMTAŞ, Tower Crane industry with extensive knowledge and expertise, high-qualified engineers, technicians, operations and sales staff consists of a team.


Emphasizing quality and reliability, BEMTAŞ boasts of the ability to offer the right Tower Crane at the right price at the right time.


We are committed to working with our customers to provide special cranes for your individual project needs.


As BEMTAŞ, our company dates back to 1985. To date, we have successfully accomplished many projects both in Turkey and abroad as BEMTAŞ.


In 1997, we focused our efforts in this direction Turkey recognizing the needs of the entire tower crane. We specialized in integrating our experience with our know-how and know-how with Tower Crane sales and after-sales technical support services.


 We have never made concessions from the honest and principled working system in our process from our establishment to the present. Our goal was to provide safe sales and after-sales service. As BEMTAŞ, we are proud of winning the appreciation of its customers so far, and we continue our efforts to be better and more reliable with each passing day.


 As BEMTAŞ, we are the only authorized dealer of SOIMA Tower Cranes, a Portuguese company.